Finally, we made it…. We had held a great yearly event table manner. This time, it took place in JW Marriott….. Yup, JW Marriott, one of the finest hotel in Surabaya.

The event took place on May 20, 2016 started at 9 am. Started with the explanation about the hotel’s safety, then we had a hotel tour. They divided us into two groups so it was easier for us to observe around the hotel. They showed us their spa, health center, swimming pool area, restaurants, Their suites rooms, The Chairman’s suite and The Presidential Suite. We also entered the main kitchen and pastry kitchen. The kitchens were so spacious and many up to date equipments they have.

We came back to our venue, Tang Palace, it was a Chinese Restaurant. Some tables already set up with set menu table setting. The set menu consists of Fruit Cocktail Salad for the appetizer, Vegetable Clear Soup for the soup, Beef Mignon w/ Black pepper sauce for the main course and Fruit Platter for the dessert. But before we started, they gave us some knowledge about wine and coffee. It presented by Mr. Sidiq, one of F&B Manager in JW Marriott.

It was time to start the table manner. The event opened with the opening speech from JW Marriot’s F&B Director, Mr. Gaurav Saxena. He shared how he fought for his achievement, started his career from the lower position, the pain and the tired he felt. But kept on fighting for his lovely career. Be stronger and tougher, that was he told us to do. The table manner presented by Mr. Zulal, he is the F&B Manager of Pavilion, one of JW Marriott’s restaurants. He showed us how to behave when we invited on a formal dining. How to hold the cutleries, how to cut the dinner roll, how to placed the cutleries when we finished our meal, how to eat the soup when it is hot, how to cut the meat, we must finished our meal to show our gratitude to the host, and many more things we have learned on that day.

We finished that day with smile, laugh and of course, happy tummy. The foods were fantastic tasty. And last but not least, taking pictures…

Thank you, JW Marriott for your courtesy and your hospitality. We learned so much on that day.

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